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Friday, September 13, 2013

STRUT Fashion Show 2013 - SEABA Art Hop Vermont

Hula hoop light shows, body paint, choreographed dance and more wowed the audience at the STRUT fashion show in Burlington, Vermont on Saturday, September 7th. With equal parts theatrics and beautiful design, the show seemed to move very quickly, hence the blur. I loved the performances. I really did. I am sucker for choreographed dance moves on a runway. But, those simple elegant designs (from high schoolers!) stole the show. Sign me up for Olivia Vaughn Hern's pale pink gown with lightning bolt detail. Gorgeous. xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa-

We're casting the next season of Project Runway and have a feeling you have the in on up & coming Vermont designers who might want to apply. I'd love to send you an email with more info! contact info below.