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Monday, September 10, 2012

STRUT Fashion Show 2012 - SEABA Art Hop

A few of my favorite pics from the STRUT Fashion show this weekend at the SEABA Art Hop in Burlington,VT. Photos courtesy of me, my cell phone and two glasses of wine. Enjoy!

Andy Scout (Stacy Carter)

Dottie & Fine by Jude Bond

Vermont Apron Company

Camille Clark

Camille Clark

Where (Amy Wild)

Sift Designs

Swan & Stone Millinery

Brianna Pauquette

Condom dress - Planned Parenthood

Lucy Leith

Tara Lynn Bridal


ana krznaric said...

it seems that it was really good fun! :)

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Emily Rouse said...

This is really an outstanding post and i am glad to see them in their stunning outfits. I am not a fashionista but their outfits are stupendous!!!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.