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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vermont! Come out of the closet and join us for FNO!


Vermont loves fashion.  There.  I said it.  We like to cling to the fact that we only wear Tevas and tees and are simply too busy being green and sporty to care about what the latest fashion is, but I call full and straight bs on that.  Walk Church Street.  Go to any event in Vermont and look in the crowd.  Yes, you will see the Tevas and tees, but you will also see style so subtle and well crafted that it could fit into any celebrity street style mag out there. Face it VT, we are more than just pumpkins, maple syrup and cider.  We have style and is time to come out of the closet.

Fashion's Night Out - Church Street (Church Street Marketplace registered with global FNO event this year and therefore the name change) will be held on Sept. 6 from 5pm-9pm.  Eight local boutiques are currently signed up for the event: Bella, Ecco, Expressions, Jess, Monelle, Salaam, Sweet Lady Jane & Whim.  Expect to find DJ's, live models, giveaways, special sales promotions, champagne and the finest shopping in VT.

Adna Karabegovic, Marketing Manager at the Church Street Marketplace is excited about the second year of FNO and hopes that highlighting the local boutiques will help Vermonters view Church Street as a place to see and shop the latest wares from high end designers, as well as watching street performers, eating out and meeting with friends.

So slap on your JBrands, dust off your Dolce Vitas and fill your Hobo bags with your mad money.  FNO - Church Street is the night of the year to embrace your diva. "This is not a typical Vermont event in any form" says Adna.  "There will be no pumpkins and cider."  And, to that I say thank you.

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