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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Decorating with Antiques and Primitives: THE RUSTIC LADDER

Decorating with Antiques and Primitives: THE RUSTIC LADDER

A good old rustic ladder can offer many solutions to the trickiest design problems. They add height, without bulk. They can transform a blank wall into a display of your most treasured items. They can also be a household workhorse, keeping your most used items an arm's reach away.

-Attach ribbons to frames and hang from the rungs for a gorgeous wall of photos.
-Gently remove any debris from the ladder to avoid staining linens.
-Add shelves to the rungs, to display larger items.
-Choose narrow walls or empty walls to display your ladder. Walls with other tall items will compete and make your design look cluttered.
-Search salvage yards ( and flea markets ( for ladders that show their history. Splattered paint, worn wood and good construction are what give this design piece its charm.

Got a good ladder idea? Please share!

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