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Monday, August 20, 2012


The fine folks at Polyvore and Madison Harding showed me a little love in the form of these bad ass combat boots. Gold hardware, soft black leather, low heel. It's like they made them just for me. (They did, right?) More swag inspiration to come. LSAMSAM has been a lucky girl.

H&M tee, thrift store jeans, Fendi purse, vintage leopard scarf, Madison Harding boots.
Madison Harding "Chuckie" ankle boots. Photos by Anja.

Madison Harding boots
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Cafe Fashionista said...

Those boots look fantastic on you!! :)

LSAMSAM said...

Thanks, Erika! I am definitely having fun with them. :)

Shani Shan said...

I read on a review that they run a size larger and that you should get a size smaller than your actual size? Would you agree?

LSAMSAM said...

Yes, they do run a bit big and they are leather so they will stretch. Good luck...sorry it took so long to respond!