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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The only clothes I want to wear...

The only clothes I want to wear

...until my dear Vermont has healed. On August 28th, many small towns in Vermont were destroyed, including mine. People are trapped due to knocked out bridges and roads reduced to rubble. People are shoveling a foot of mud out of their homes, tearing down walls and throwing all of their soggy belongings in dumpsters. Schools are closed with no clear date of reopening. Town offices have lost important records. Volunteer fire stations lost their equipment. We are forced to wear masks due to the mud drying and wafting possibly contaminated dust in the air. And, yes Vermonters have died. This is a major disaster area. Irene did not "blow over." It hit and it hit hard. Please, if you can give, go to or Love LSAMSAM

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